2022 in Numbers

Thank you for all donations made to East Anglian Air Ambulance. You can check out our 2022 show again on our Youtube Channel.

2021 in Numbers

Winner of the Ipswich Star Best Christmas Lights in Suffolk! Thank you for all donations made to East Anglian Air Ambulance. You can check out our 2021 show again on our Youtube Channel.

2020 in Numbers

for the latest updates with this years show

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you raising money for charity?

Of course, this years charity is East Anglian Air Ambulance. Please remember to Make a Donation, you can also donate by placing money in the collection box behind the caravan or scanning the QR code on the posters.
So far we have raised over £1300 for the excellent work they do everyday.

Where are you?

We're on Bury Road, Stowmarket, Suffolk. Opposite Stowmarket Town Football Club. You won't miss us!

Do you have a Youtube account?

We do, with recordings of all the songs.

How long do the lights run for?

4 pm - 9 pm on Sunday
4 pm - 8 pm on Monday to Thursday
4 pm - 10 pm on Friday and Saturday
27th of November through to January the 1st.

How many LEDs are there?

Over 22,077 Red, Green and Blue Leds

Wow! that's a lot of lights, they must use a lot of electricity?

The Lights can use as much power as boiling 2 Kettles or starting a 4x4 Car, or to be precise 5 Kilowatts at 12 Volt 400 Amps, that is over 1000 times more power than LED Fairy Lights!

How long does it take to do?

We start planning and programming the lights in February, We started construction and testing in late September. It takes 6 Full Days to put them up on the house and complete the wiring and final testing.

How long does it take to program?

It takes 2 hours of programming for every 30 seconds of a song.

How many cables are there?

Lots at least 150 cables we lost count a long time ago, there is over;
- 150 Meters of heavy-duty power cabling
- 60 Meters of data cabling

What is this technology called?

Pixel LEDs, Every led has a dedicated control chip this controls the brightness and colour of the RGB LED.

Where can we buy all this?

Everything on the house has been made by us.
The Pixel LEDs are available online, however, they do also need power supplies and specialist controllers.

What do Pixel LEDs look like?

The ones we use look like thisPixel
Although Pixel LEDs are also available in many different shapes and sizes

How many Computers are involved?

18 Different Computers are involved in running the show, they all have their own dedicated task some of which include;
- Controling the LEDs
- Communication and Networking
- Power Management
- Safety Monitoring

Can we sponsor?

Please contact us [email protected] 100% of proceeds go to East Anglian Air Ambulance